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Broward County Regional Services Center


The DMS (State of Florida Department of Management Services) project scope consisted of completely gutting and rebuilding a complex purchased off of Sony Corporation in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The completed facility was approximately 150,000 gross square feet and consisted of mostly office space with one unique area set up for physical fitness training of law enforcement personnel.

E. W. Dunn provided principal-in-charge services in support of commissioning the HVAC systems on this project. DMS was challenged by an original HVAC design that was significantly over budget. On this basis the team led by Wayne Dunn proposed re-configuring the entire system reducing the system sizing by over 40%. These changes were adopted by the design engineering team and the new HVAC design met budget. An additional benefit was a modest reduction in the electrical system infrastructure that led to further cost savings.

Commissioning services on this project consisted of:
  1. HVAC & Electrical System Design Review
  2. Mechanical equipment performance testing.
  3. Electrical switchgear installation verification and testing.
  4. HVAC automated control system sequence validation.
  5. Oversee Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of entire HVAC system.
  6. Database Management of all Commissioning & Punchlist issues.
  7. Compile, organize and turnover Operations & Maintenance Manuals